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Out of Ocean was founded by the architect- and designduo Emily-Claire and Erik Goksøyr in 2018. Marine waste and ocean plastic is a global problem that affects everyone on the planet in some way or another. This pressing issue is something that the design-duo holds at heart considering their love for the ocean and the location of their practise on the west coast of Sweden, an area heavily affected by marine waste. 

The idea of changing the perception of ocean plastic as pure waste into a valuable resource began in 2017 with their project 'Plastic Island'. The project received wide attention and spread across international media which opened doors to new opportunities. Since then, Erik has been busy starting up Swedens first and only marine recycling center based in Sotenäs kommun - a center that collects and sorts marine plastic in order to be reused again instead of being incinerated or going to landfill. 

The center is run by the municipality of Sotenäs on the west coast of Sweden and is located in Kungshamn. This is also where Out of Ocean is based. The strong connection to the marine recycling center and the geographic location allows the business to collect, sort, transform and reuse ocean plastic in the form of new products and materials - all in a local and closed-loop circuit. 


A percentage of all profits made from Out of Ocean products goes straight back to this recycling centre and the work with keeping our beaches and oceans clean. 

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