The tray you have in front of you is crafted from 100% rescued fishing nets - prevented from ending up in the ocean. It is handcrafted in Kungshamn by Out of Ocean from locally collected, discarded fishing gear for the local microbrewery Smögenbryggarn that have an assortment of fine, crafted beer, striving for sustainable solutions for their brewing.


Jesper from Smögenbryggarn approached us to create some trays for their brewery and for some local restaurants serving their beer. Their philosophy of using local ingredients and finding local, sustainable collaborations was a great match.


In this tray, you can see discarded ropes and fishing nets from old fishing gear that has been collected from the coast around Bohuslän. Each tray is unique and have its own composition of colours and patterns and you may see traces of seaweed, sand and other marine debris that have been imprinted into each piece. By creating this trays like this we are slowly but surely cleaning the oceans from this harmful waste and minimizing the amount of waste that otherwise unfortunately could ends up in landfill or in our oceans. Also, 10% of the price of the tray goes back to funding further cleaning of the oceans.


We hope you are enjoying your beer and know that by supporting Smögenbryggarn and Out of Ocean you are also contributing to a cleaner ocean! 


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These trays are intended for serving purpose only. No food or other products should be eaten straight from the trays.

 © 2018 by Out of Ocean AB

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